Supporting professional services

In order to tailor the implemented solution entirely to your requirements, Swisscom supports you and your partners with consulting services throughout the entire process lifecycle.

Process lifecycle

The individual professional services modules are described here in brief:

Module Objective
Cloud Assessment Drawing up a cloud roadmap tailored to the ICT strategy
Cloud Solution Design Defining the solution design
Cloud Transition Applying cloud resources and migrating the defined workloads
Training Ensuring that the responsible employees are familiar with the tools and processes needed to operate the new solution
Support Support tailored to customer requirements for cloud-specific issues or maintenance tasks
Lifecycle Management Review of the existing solution and development of the solution design so that it is tailored to new business requirements
Calibration Ensuring an optimal allocation and use of cloud resources (right sizing)
Security Check Review of the solution, identification and remedying of security-specific vulnerabilities
Performance Optimization End-to-end analysis of the solution at the application level and identification and remedying of performance bottlenecks

The individual modules can be selected and adapted in a flexible manner. The scope of services to be provided can be tailored to your respective requirements.

Particularly during the initial implementation, or in the case of complex projects, it is recommended that you work together with the experienced cloud specialists at Swisscom.

Your direct Swisscom contact will be happy to put you in touch with the technical specialists. Alternatively, you can also make a request via a support ticket and a solution consultant will contact you.

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